Mar. 25th, 2012

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I've had a couple of nice surprises today. I'd forgotten that my aunt gave me a good bit of fabric, and I have a good bit of this beautiful summer-sky blue that will be perfect for the bathroom window curtain since it's all blue and white.

The second nice surprise was finding a better option for the rod and bracket for the front door window.

After all the issues I've had with the dowel rod for the front door curtain, I've given it up after finding a magnetic curtain rod kit for the exact purpose for the project. Found it accidentally at Wal-Mart and decided that $7.97 was okay since it'll make my life and this project much easier (the wooden dowel rod I got still isn't cut nor could I find hooks of the right size to mount it). Hoping to have the curtain done by the middle of the week. I'm so glad I can finally get on with it!

I've also been looking at sewing baskets since all my supplies are crammed in a round metal container that my mother used back in the '70s for her very basic sewing supplies. I would never get rid of it, but it's just not practical for my needs. I've looked at baskets at Wal-Mart and Hancock Fabric and I don't like any of them. They're all horribly overpriced, ugly, and too small. I haven't been able to go to JoAnn's in Hoover yet, so I don't know what they have, but I hope they have a better selection. Going to try and go this week and at least look at what they have. Also want to go to Hobby Lobby, although I don't know where the closest one is since Tuscaloosa's was leveled in last April's tornado.


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